"Bugging Out"

When a discarded gamer headset comes into the sorting plant, Teach sends him to the Upper E Side, where he infests the entire borough, including Teach! Flip sets out to find a virus fix and save his friend.

"Adopt a Recycled Pet"

Flip and Teach adopt a pet from the local shelter. When they meet the fanatical adoption specialist, Heidi, they find out that giving a new home to a homeless friend is not as easy as they'd hoped

"Real Housewives of Appliance Park"

Heidi has developed a crush on her boss, Wayne. Even though Wayne is married with a family, Heidi decides that in order to win him over, she must become one of the Housewives in Appliance Park.

"Friend of Bud W?"

Teach insists Flip get help from Bud W for his obsessive self-texting. But Flip's habit becomes nothing compared to what Teach now has to endure with the new and improved 12 stepped Flip.


Teach must rescue Flip, who has been sold to a Chinese Dump. But in China, Candy Apple Blue Flip Phones are still a thing - and Flip is reluctant to give up his new-found status.

"Love Dumps Hate"

WIth fast fashion and textile waste on the rise, Dump Town is divided on what should happen to these new immigrants. But the debate is temporarily upstaged by the arrival of a different kind of crisis - a monster of Flip and Teach's making!