About Dump Town, USA

Dump Town is a web series about a society of recyclables

In a world of the latest, fastest, smartest, Dump Town's characters are just trying to remain relevant.

Dump Town is divided into four boroughs, and crowned by the Plant where everyone works. Its inhabitants are discarded trash trying to find new purpose in daily life.


About the Creators

Charleen Easton is a comedy writer for both adult and kids programming. She’s a mom of 10-year-old twin boys.

Visit: imdb.com

Maggie Parr is an artist and writer, and designer of theme park attractions.

Visit: www.maggieparr.com.

Through relatable characters, stories set in pop culture, and links to resources, we strive to bring awareness to kids about recycling and the effects of our carbon footprint. What we can really do about it. Not just on Earth Day, but Every Day.

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